It All Cometh Rushing

Hengest’s Tale is a worthy book and hard to find. It is full of strange, compelling imagery, is sparsely narrated in the Saga style, of dreadful, ominous scenes and foreshadowings, detailed by history, and brief. I haven’t finished it, but it won’t be long I can say that. It is a really good story so far.

My time for these things is short, as it is for writing. I have to make a decision in a month, and then I have the feeling the leisure of these lasts years will vanish soon enough. I’ll snatch a few moments on the accordion, have an hour or two on Sunday evenings to paint is all. I trust I’ll have all the replies I need to make that decision by then. The nice thing is that acceptance is the work of a moment, done online.

So the chance is good that we’re going to move. One wants to clear off the shelves, recover some bookmarks that have been languishing, pare down the swollen collection, get rid of accretions. I like that part. The part I don’t like about moving is boxing up the books and not having them available. That’s the part that lasts too long for me, no matter how many I keep out.


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