Since 2005

Do you know I’ve been providing quality blogging since 2005?

It’s the truth.

I’ve seen a lot of blogging go down in that time. Blogs come and go, and some abide.

Ten years! Nine more of those and you have a century. A hundred years ago Billy Sunday was going strong, basking in the peak of his fame and glory. A thousand years ago was the year of the great council at Oxford, King Knute went to Sandwich, King Ethelred lay sick at Corsham, and all the while Alderman Edric was up to his schemes.

I’ll probably be blogging about church history soon. Blogging provides you with observations. Here’s a few:

One thing Tom Shippey mentioned in a lecture I listened to recently was that Tolkien’s great theme is not death, it is loss. I think that is right.

One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes people call–at my job–and because they are mad at the bank they want to punish me. It is my job to take it, apparently, though I don’t always. It is an education, sitting there figuring out why we feel like doing to the people who have to answer but not determine the things we do. Because somehow I have to there, unlike the comments here.

Look to what you hear, the Lord says. What draws you and why, why do you pay attention to what you do, and how. It reminds me of another thing Tolkien says through his elves when they’re telling Sam about the rope they make. They say they put much of what they love into the thing they make. I say we all do. We put much of what we love into the things we make. That is the tragedy.

Here is this blog, and me putting into it over 10 years much of what I love. And here you are, still reading it.

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