The Banter

I don’t know what it is about not knowing the students, but not knowing the students I can’t really think of a lesson. Knowing them, I can. Why do their personalities matter when the subject doesn’t change?

I think it’s that I’m keen for it to be interesting. We can bang out Latin, but I don’t want them to just bang out Latin. Where is the honor in that? I want them to get an idea that it is interesting. We can drum on with discipline, because they’re good kids, but I think Latin will require some kind of joy. And I have to know them for the class to be interesting because the way that best works for me is the banter while thinking things through and mentioning things that come up. Yes, energy, knowing what you’re doing, having a coherent plan, making sense to them at some point rather than being random and arbitrary, but the banter is the thing for me.


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