In the torrent that constitutes the Imaginative Conservative I sometimes go, and sometimes read an article through. There is too much, and some of it is random, and some of it is Bradley Birzer effusing about popular culture.

But there is also Claes Ryn, and this is highly recommended. Tonic.

Here are some of the words he uses:

“morality urgently needs the oxygen of sound thought and imagination”

“The proper religious commitment is assumed somehow to guarantee soundness of thought. The problem here is not that there is anything wrong with genuine religious devotion. It is that in the modern world religion has been so permeated by what Babbitt calls “sham spirituality” that it has become a major pollutant of the will, the mind and the imagination. No one is immune from religious-moral confusion and smugness. There is an urgent need for scrutinizing spiritual claims. Secondly, religious faith is, especially in an intellectual movement, no substitute for intellectual labor. Insufficient philosophical effort and discipline clouds and distorts central questions of human existence and weakens religion itself.”

“Some will predictably and smugly declare that religion offers all the nourishment for the soul that we really need. They indicate thereby a deformed and cramped conception of religion as well as of life in general. In fact, this kind of religiosity often goes together with a utilitarian-pragmatic attitude towards worldly matters.”

“careerism and greed”

Note to self: shoulda looked at the CU of A.


2 thoughts on “Tonic

  1. Too late to apply? I have a friend who did a PhD in history there recently, if you’d like to pursue it. For a while he and I were working on a little Baptist church plant in the cafeteria in the basement of the basilica that’s on the campus.

    1. 1 I don’t relish the thought of living in Washington DC.
      2 Lateish.
      3 I’m already embarrassed at asking the same two people to do more than five recommendation letters.
      4 This guy teaches political science.
      5 I’ve applied to a funded Catholic program already.
      6 I’ll be lucky if I get done with this OSU application.

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