Time Like and Ever Flowing Stream

My attitude toward NIU has been: who cares? Apparently Albrecht Mohler. Interesting. I think it is ingenious of the boys now running NIU to come up with this solution. Where will they go from here? And what Boyce College will do with the new stuff will be interesting too. It does seem to me a good way to help the students who’ve stuck with the NIU.

* * *
You think about the past. I’ve been going over the papers I wrote during my ThM at Central and am kind of astonished at the things I was able to pursue. A conversation several months ago with a former teacher there included this interesting comment: At Central there was more intellectual tolerance and diversity of opinion than at his present location. When I mentioned that to Central’s former dean, he was surprised too.

Another surprise I had in applying to SBTS: you gotta agree not to drink. I don’t, but it surprises me that’s still on the cards. No wonder they’re such avid coffee roasters.

* * *
And I was with my parents for almost a week. Talk about living in the past! They still hold to what they began with as fundamentalist missionaries lo these more than forty years ago, with puritan readings thrown in and considered, but assimilated in a compatible, not really reformed, way. They have embodied and achieved the ideals they were presented with: simple hermeneutics, being led, everything. You know what church-historical wondering they’re doing? If the sort of Christianity they’ve been a part of will remain: undenominational fundamentalism.

* * *
I think I’ve done most of my SBTS application. Will finish most of WTS by going to the post office. Then, on to the OSU. Kind of hard to find a paper for them, since most of the ones I wrote are theological rather than historical. I was surprised by that too–though I don’t know why.


3 thoughts on “Time Like and Ever Flowing Stream

  1. The alcohol bit also really surprised me, since I know a lot of Southern Baptists who drink…and aren’t they mostly reformed??

    1. Yeah, but what do people mean by reformed now? Five points of Calvinism is all. Not covenant theology, not a reformed view of the law, maybe a slight acknowledgment of confessionalism, but not a whole lot.

    2. If SBTS dropped the drinking prohibition, the sort of people who show up at the annual meeting would have a conniption fit. Mohler’s not gonna spend political capital to change an extra-biblical policy that’d only create problems both off and on campus.

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