So I was having a conversation with a guy in church who teaches OT stuff at OSU. He thinks I should apply because the history program there is a good one and more likely to get me a job afterward. It wasn’t really part of my plan to waste my money and my references’ time applying to competitive programs since I really don’t think I have a chance, but even after I talked to him about my GRE he thinks I should. He oversees PhD students in his own area, so I think he may be considered somewhat reliable in this.

It has it’s advantages: we wouldn’t have to move. We have a really good church here. Living in Columbus is cheaper than for example Philadelphia.

One of the advantages he talked about was getting a job at a seminary if I got a history degree in something medieval. I was told at Louisville is that there aren’t evangelical medieval scholars. He thinks with a seminary and theology background, and then a history degree from OSU, I would be an attractive commodity for a seminary. I’ve never operated on such a commercial assumption, but maybe it can be done in good conscience.

One thing I have figured out about myself, looking back on how I make these decision and have in the past: I make the decision by finding out what a figure of authority expects, and then doing what is expected. I don’t think I chose the outcome as much as I chose the figure. That’s why I went to BIO, then to Northland, then to Central.

Of course, one can’t say any of one’s operations are entirely straightforward always. Sometimes they may be. In this case, it may be that I chose the figure for the outcome, but there are still other and responsible criteria. Anyway, I believe at this point applying also to OSU is expected of me.

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