Cheerful Toad

I finished the GRE. Whatever comes of it will come of it, but it lies behind me now. I am free!

I enjoyed the first hour. I got two good subjects for essays and I think I wrote coherently. I do recommend blogging almost ten years before taking that part, it helps. It cheered me for the rest of the test because I thought of a joke. I’m feeling good about the essays, though such good feeling has often proved ephemeral.

I got something in the 160s for the verbal and 140s for the quantitative–not remembering the last number. I want to say a nine, but that makes it sound like I almost aced the verbal and that doesn’t seem right. What seems clearly wrong is that I should do so well in the quantitative. I checked everything I did in the verbal twice and pressed on till the timer ran out, even when it was all filled in, making sure it was all double and triple checked–like a girl. Not so the quantitative so-called reasoning. I did figure out more of the quantitative than I expected, but I did not expect to be above half right. I guessed on several and just quit out of the last two sections when I’d given some answer for everything.


Hey, have you ever thought about what a GOOD THING the GRE is?

I feel like a very clever toad, bloated with good luck.

I would like to take this moment to thank the dude who sells coffee down on Indianola for his dark roast Bolivian to which a great deal of Friday’s success (for me) is due, and the amazing generous breakfast to which Katrina treated me of two breakfast burritos and ten potato tots which was ideal to mastering the intricate difficulties of the GRE.

* * BOOM! * *

So anyway . . . now I’ve got to make applications.

I sent my scores to the WTS, SBTS, TEDS and the U of St. Louis. I also sent them back to a little place called Northland Coll [sic] in Wisconsin which may or may not be my alma mater (weird if it isn’t). I’m kind of curious about what purpose that serves there, but it was included in the obligatory price of the test and optional, so I opted in.

So if I can do those four applications by the end of October, I can see what else there is to try in November. That’s my brilliant strategy.

* * *
I’m back to writing.

I Figured out at last how my story needs to begin: a combination of the writings of Scruton, the example of Gormengast, and the cogitations of Lev Grossman. That good hard winter here last year was helpful, but another one I think would be just exactly what is needed to perhaps precipitate the final draft.

And I’m working toward a deeper argument–a novel about interpretation, responding to the way these fantasy writers react to the dilemma Lewis poses them when they read Narnia. That should give me something to puzzle over, besides learning Latin and reading church history here in Columbus.

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