The Back of Summer Broken

Cooler air is rushing in. Life begins to gleam with possibilities. Soon taking long hot baths won’t seem so odd. Soon I’ll be able to walk four hours downtown and back and not get sunstriken. Soon I’ll be able to dress in layers. I can’t wait. I don’t see why people want to wear fewer rather than more clothes. I like to wear clothes, especially when the clothes are trusty.

* * *
And yet we live in an age when people seem really outraged that their naked pictures they had taken or took of themselves have been stolen. It is bizzarre to me, and not just because I like to wear clothes.

* * *
Maybe I’m odd because I live behind a Wendy’s. They’ve redone the Wendy’s behind which I live. Nice to know that’s done before the third world war begins or people are actually forced to stop taking naked pictures of themselves due to the deteriorating situation.

They’re getting better at making a place that reaches out and draws you in, the restaurant refurbishers. My Wendy’s looks all luminous and new, and I’m so proud of it I might go ahead an take a picture of it, wearing clothes, of course. There’s nothing on Wendy’s menu I can think of I would like to eat, but the building sits there beckoning, like an Ikea which is full of comfy things in the midst of a bleak winter.

* * *
Can’t wait till the day comes that I can buy a cowhide rug. Ikea has them. Wonderful Swedes. Wish I lived in Sweden. Or farther north.

Not that I mind living right behind a Wendy’s–East. What is also in view anytime I step out of my door are the warm lights of Applebee’s, which has many things on its menu I can think I would like. I live right next to just about everything except for a good coffee place. We have a Starbuck’s in Target and another one at Kroger, but no really outstanding coffee place. Still, we make do.

* * *
Conrad Black is back from his ten week hiaitus, speaking of the North and winter. I like reading him, even when I don’t agree. He’s trenchant and at the same time sesquipedalian. He has a way of putting things.


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