I lost a student today. She is a second year student who ended up in my first year because of a scheduling conflict. She’d already done everything we were going to go throuh, so I was wracking my brains (because I couldn’t wrack my experience) to figure out how to make the class challenging for her. And I had figured it out, and had a good plan, when she resolved the scheduling conflict and vanished out of my class. What’s the spell for disapparating? Evanesco suckers!

It also means I have a more evenly-distributed class with a comfortable pace.

So we had a good class today. I’m catching on to these seventh and eighth graders. Still testing what they can figure out and what they need to have laid out for them, but we’re learning Latin. The train is moving. Ten points for Griffindor and Hufflepuff–because no other houses are represented. Our Ravenclaw is in second year now.


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