Latin First

I’ve done a Latin class; only 71 more to go. 

They thought it was cool that The Hobbit has been translated to Latin. They want to get there. For now. 

They’re well behaved kids: two girls with brushed hair, two girls with hair not so brushed, two participative boys–both eager. 

Life changing decision that comes out of this: if I don’t get accepted to a PhD program maybe instead I’ll teach High School Latin. I enjoy it so far, which is more than I expected.


5 thoughts on “Latin First

  1. “Gandalphe! Gandalphe! O me felicem!”

    Actually, I find “Hobbitus Ille” to be ridiculously hard. The Latin syntax somehow comes out much more convoluted than it should be. Also the vocabulary is pretty obscure, the Romans not having talked much about buttered toast or golf or fireworks, oddly enough. Wayne & I found it was easier to use the English text than a dictionary.

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