Rain Today

People don’t like to walk in the rain, even when it is slight. They hunch over and wince sometimes, as if there were nothing so painful as getting a drop of water on the face. C.S. Lewis made quite a few sensible remarks about weather in the person of Camilla Deniston in That Hideous Strength; persons ought to consider these remarks more. Weather is interesting, and clothes dry pretty quickly.

Of course, my clothes aren’t top of the line. I don’t like to look like I’ve made too much of an effort–I go out of my way to make sure I don’t too much look like I’ve made too much of an effort–because I don’t want to come across as being to particular about my appearance. It does make me wonder if I’ll have to dress up to teach Latin. I have a feeling that’s going to be the case.

I don’t even have much in the way of ties nowadays. I have noticed they’re all narrow and of thick material–thick material does not strike me as congenial. I don’t think I’ve bought a new tie in ten years, and I’ve chucked quite a lot. Do I care that my remaining ties are wider and thin? The patterns are not recent? Shall I play the old guy who doesn’t care? Wish I had more timeless ties.

But is it even in the nature of a tie to be timeless? Probably not, unless it is a bow tie, and that’s not something I’m willing to do. Bit of the wrong kind of eccentric about that for me, like a tie with words: not something I’d of my own free will do. Goofy stuff, cartoons–No.

They vary everything on ties, don’t they? The dots can change, the patterns, the width of the stripes. Does it mean anything? Does the overall look become identifiable later? How far it hangs or not can stand out over time. Then there’s the guys who knot it short and tuck the remainder on the wrong end into their pants. Not recommended.

Clip-on ties I need hardly mention. I have seen where some people use strings to suspend elaborate metal badges on their necks, apparently a custom in more Western regions, at least in the past.

It troubles me that ties cannot be timeless. Why should that be? Am I troubled that other articles of clothing will change constantly? Not really. It is in the nature of clothes to wear out. Clothes wax old as doth a garment, even ties which are probably the least of all garments.

Forty years were the children of Israel in the desert and their clothes did not wax old. Like a walking thrift store, come to think of it: all used clothes, none new, none worn entirely through. But they weren’t wearing ties, were they? Because if they had, we would have heard them complaining of it. I for one regret about the age to which I was born that it requires ties from time to time.

Meanwhile, the trees bask in the rain and the moss flourishes. It is a bit humid, this August rain. I’m glad my habiliment can be casual.

4 thoughts on “Rain Today

  1. I like walking in the rain, too, but my husband actually does experience rain as painful, or at least as a feeling like being attacked. People are odd.

    You really ought to teach somewhere they wear academic robes. Then the tie won’t matter, and you’ll wear whatever you like underneath, and you really will be clothed in something timeless. I always thought if I started a school, it would be academic robes instead of uniforms. I guess the reasons are obvious?

  2. I got quite rained on this Tuesday and realized I do not like it at all. I didn’t used to care.

    Teaching now, I also must wear ties much more often. Are the thin ties the thing now (again)? Up here I still see the wider, but thick. And many of mine are archaic.

    Usually the teaching robes are not full coverage anymore, though, no? So a lack of tie might still be spied.

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