Two Bits

I go to Target on Saturday mornings and I write. It has been prosperous to do so. They have a little area out of the way, with windows and no music at all. They provide no plugs–all the plugs are on the ceiling out of reach. It is as good a place as any to write, whenever you don’t have annoying people, and there seldom are from 8-10AM on Saturday.

I read an article on the Imaginative Conservative in July or August which put me off of background music–she said it interfered with the imagination and I didn’t see much in the way of a reason, but she was otherwise reasonable so I tried it out to see what fruit the experience would bear. I think she’s right, and I attend to music a lot better now. I don’t tune out and look for other things to do. Not that I’m against background music, but I don’t put music on so much, not every chance I get.


One thought on “Two Bits

  1. I’ve sometimes thought about the possible distracting effect background music might have when writing. But I’ve never read about it. But I’ve found listening to music goes a long way to cut down other distractions (mostly just keeping my ears plugged, really).

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