We proceeded, yesterday after the AM worship, into the church library where we around a table made profession of faith before the session.

Whenever I’ve done this before there has been a question regarding the mode of baptism and whether it occurred after my conversion. In this case, I didn’t expect anything because Presbyterians do not care about the mode or about the when. If you are baptized before you believe, they’re fine with that–that’s paedo-baptism.

But the question I received was whether the person baptizing me was an ordained minister. The reply is that he wasn’t. There followed many questions after that.

So now there’s a bit of doubt now in the air: was it legitimate, according to their views? Here’s what is odd: I’m trying to join a Presbyterian church. What if they decide it can only be done if I’m rebaptized?

I don’t think it will come to that. But just suppose it did:

1 – it would be a great chance for me to have a good knock-down-drag-out study of baptism with them which I’ve been keen on for a while. I’m sure they’re keen, it’s just the time. Maybe I’d become a Presbyterian after that, but probably not.

2 – if it did come to that, I’d probably have to try alternatives. There are alternatives, it’s just they would be worse. So I’d be approaching them as my second option because after a year or two, things had not worked out elsewhere. Not thrilling.

3 – I think what I would think much about would be a move to where I could be back in a Reformed Baptist congregation. I would seriously consider the option of just leaving and just going to where there was a church I am in agreement with. Maybe schedule some time off to give us time to travel and explore options.

Curious isn’t it? That it should come to that in a country like this–how it is in many places in the world. I’m studying the early church and whether or not this or that baptism was legitimate was an issue then, and has been since. I told the session about the se-Baptist from Baptist History: they were not altogether impressed.


One thought on “Irregular

  1. Philip the eunuch baptizer was ordained?

    I’d have not anticipated that problem either. Many others before it, perhaps but not that.

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