Book I

The rain started on Columbus sometime in the night and has not yet relented. I love how much it rains here. We’ve been having cold and very little sun, and now it’s warmed up for the rain. The world is busy gurgling.

Since July, I think, I’ve fallen into the pattern of writing in the mornings before work. I changed my hours from 1:30-10PM in May. Once I stopped reading indiscriminately and started writing, I made good progress. This morning, after a pause in the writing of last week, I’ve been over what I’ve written since July, and it works out to about as much as a Chronicle of Narnia. It’s more or less book one of my fantasy masterpiece of doom.

I’ve finished it before, but now I’ve found how to do it better and am rewriting it with more imagination. I’m pleased. We have a Target with a windowed eating place in which they play no music. There I read and corrected and looked up to see people going in the rain and was left alone. I reckon altogether it was close to 24oz of coffee. No breakfast, no shaking, just lucid concentration for three hours. They poured each cup for me fresh: hot water on the grounds into the cup–that’s lucky. All the while it rained with steady perseverance. I am so grateful.

It has been a good season. Hard on the blog, but good for the book. Hard on the short stories too, but this continuous season has deserved continuous effort.


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