The Chair

A chair in the sunlight is pleasant. This one matched the love seat set against the other windows. Three windows were in the round wall under the cone capping the turret–ceiling following the roof–and one lone window was under a gable set into the steeper slope of ceiling-wall. The windows mostly faced the west, so the afternoon and autumn sunlight came in all afternoon. In that part of Toronto the housing is of human proportions, so the third floor enjoys the sunlight through the thinner tops of trees. The seat alone at that lone window was low and graceful. Its back was oval and the carving of it unostentatiously elaborate. The window, reaching out through the slope of the roof, had a long sill that was more of a table, by which the chair was set conveniently. And beside the chair, a radiator, as the sun gave cheerful light upon one’s book and private room, but not all the required warmth.


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