The End of Remonstrans

Today’s post is the last one on Remonstrans.

The only time I was really out of the loop with Remonstrans was for a few days when I went to Iceland. It was a hopping place back then, and if you missed a few days, you missed a lot of things. The reason for that is that however good (and they were good) the posts were, especially dissidens’ posts–and in the end it was all dissidens–his ripostes were the best part of the blog. I still miss the arguments.

And for that reason it seems good to think back with fondness on all the villains of Remonstrans, that ample scattering of obtuse, undignified and ham-fisted knuckle-draggers who decided the time had come to take dissidens on in debate and set things straight. How I loved to see him scatter them with well-aimed blows.

I got some well-aimed blows myself early on. Nothing has occasioned more self-searching and repentance in my life than Remonstrans. Some of the obtuse objections might have been my own. There, to borrow a phrase, was God’s plenty. If having the internet gives us nothing more than Remonstrans, we have had enough. (It also gives us tweeted Roger Scruton quotations, and that is more than we deserve.)

Don’t worry, there will still be dissidens for those who still love insight, truth and wisdom in an age of fraud. Read the last post and stay abreast of future developments.

One thought on “The End of Remonstrans

  1. Re: the well-aimed blows–I’m wishing now I could edit my last comment there from “Thank you, sir.” to the same with “may I have another?” tacked on.

    Which hopefully we shall have in Bindlestiff.

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