One Year

One year since we got out of Colombia.

We decided to celebrate with some midnight pizza. Pizza is not something you easily get a good version of in Colombia. We did a place with an excellent pizza the which came swimming in grease. It was like roasting a pig over a fire and standing under where all the flavorous grease dripped off, drinking it in.

That, my friends, is the good life.

Speaking of the good life, I’ve decided to indulge in Harry Potter again at last. What joy! What fecundity of imagination in service of her idea. I only allow myself to read it at night after work, hoping to make it last into November. There are so many things right with Harry Potter. One of the effects of having a good story is that you end up admiring the author for how she’s done it. J. K. Rowling has ascended into my pantheon of admired authors.

And we are almost done with the bother of Summer. Another joy: autumn and winter and August behind us for a long time. That never happened in Colombia.

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