Thunder Was Over Us Last Night

It has been a good first summer back for the weather. It started too warm, and we had once or twice nineties in June, but it was a moist June. And so was July, and then in was so cool we were in the seventies even into the first two weeks of August. Now the last of August has ascended to the eighties, but not often nineties. We used the air conditioning only a week rather than all the month long.

A strange, early autumn has come on this last of the warm weather, and it is with a sense of departing that summer warmed over us. There are cottonwoods whose leaves are brown but there are also yellowing ones. Some of the maples have started in spots, some small ones turned and have no more green leaves. The locusts are casting small, yellow leaves and the walnuts larger. When there is wind here in the dry end of August, you see showers of leaves. There is still a majesty of green, but there is already much of fall.

I have the feeling autumn will be brief and winter will be long.


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