W00T again

I got a story accepted by Fever Dreams E-Zine, my first acceptance from a UK editor. The rejections I’ve been getting have been all good this year, almost apologetic at times: which is encouraging. But there’s no encouragement like getting a story actually accepted (2 out of 29 submissions so far).

Some of you may remember the story that starts out with a storm and a hovercar. I must have started that story in 2005 or 6 because it has Unk and Kat and so has to be contemporary with the Chron of F. I just figured out how to finish it last year. The coffee at Crimson Cup helped.

And while I haven’t written as much as I’d like on my Falcon Lord fantasy, I have written better and spent a good time on it five or six days a week all summer long. The hours of those two (or so) morning cups of coffee go toward it. And I’ve learned a few things.


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