Forgive me for impinging as it really is none of my business. but the recent stuff on Northland-the-mother-of-my-soul and what has now been designated as RAM and, of course, the Bix, has at least for me managed to put the fun back into fundamentalism. So the main high editor (I think) of the internet roach motel has put out an editorial calling for debate. Which brings up a really good and intriguing question: Who are they going to get to argue intelligently for the non RAM side? Will they actually come out with someone coherent? Will somebody who can actually think his way out of a wet paper bag this time stand forth and make arguments, take on the arguments made, consider with reason and clarity the opposite side and advance the conversation?

I think the RAMs would be delighted, actually.


3 thoughts on “Right

  1. Others seem keen on having him up front.

    Which I think says much about the foes the RAMs face.

    What is the contrary position? What exactly happens when you try to pin it down? Does it add up to more than personal attacks about the alleged arrogance and condescension freely mixed in with condescending remarks about the lack of experience or visible success? Are there more than prejudices and emotionally inflated tribal misgivings raised as weapons? It is like a horde of barbarians, and the egregious Bixby has the loudest warpaint and sports the biggest feathers. No wonder they love him.

    The RAMs by now are more armed than not for a battle of reasons, arguments and ideas. Better armed than their opponents, that’s sure. If the youth and inexperience they inevitably have had to come through due to being young and inexperienced when they began were not held against them but rather taken into consideration, I think they would deserve some admiration* for having persevered, learned from their mistakes, mastered their arguments and reasons better. They have been preparing for a good while and continue to do so.

    And here’s the thing: it does not appear they’re going to go away. If I were still doing fundamentarlia Chronicles I’d would turn the sage of Hinga Lum Dura into a witch doctor (probably by having him come forward in a meeting) and have Clamm task him with the great and secret mission of bringing the burger joint to cataclysmic ruin.

    *I’d like to think the anonymous letter was removed for the dishonesty about what Northland used to be, not scruples about barbarian conventions against anonymity or the fact that illiterate persons will usually miss points made in writing. Abruptly removing things publicly posted while they’re still being dealt with and without subsequent explanation is a mistake because it has to come across as gormless. No wonder speculation about motives afterward ramped up.

  2. I agree with you about the silent removal. Clumsy. The same sort of thing that might have lost Olson his job, actually.

    Problem with making Bixby the front man for the opposition is that he is not much in opposition, at least by his account. If this latest Northland thing hadn’t happened, what occassion would he have had to take his shear to the RAMs? The declining to sing? Please.

    But as I say, most of the SI opposition doesn’t wan’t Bob’s philosophy either, it seems to me. They just want to circle and cheer when he takes his shots.

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