Blue and Orange

I’ve not been a big one for cobalt blue until these last days when the hue seems to be growing on me. So blue stands opposite orange on the color wheel.

Orange & Blue

It is too bad some water fell on the bottom half and ruined the smoothness of the waters. Musing on this, it occurs to one that really the yellow should not be at the top. So one switches.


And here the disgrace is that the blending achieved of the yellow and cadmium red was lost by working on the bottom too soon and not watching as the orange ran down and formed too definite a line. So:


That’s more like it, except that my monitor isn’t doing a lot of justice to the range of hues, as if the thing were under the scrutiny of harsh, bad light. Not entirely successful of course, with things returning at the top that should have been left to dry; my thing with all this is that if only I were more patient, I might get better results. But that’s the way you want the yellow. However, one does not always pay attention to the things one is trying to get right, and so one accidentally produces something keepable (I’ve only ever done anything worth hanging onto accidentally):

Never Mind

You will see the orange has migrated to some lower conflagration. We have departed also from cobalt blue because phthalocyanine blue stains and so I like it for trees. Besides, it’s cooler, wintry, and so it seems it helps suggest the arboreal shade.


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