To the Mother of my Soul, Northland

Now it ain’t much of a soul, but it is the one I got and so I’m thinking I at least owe it to you who shaped it to speak out my mind in the present circumstances. Now that you have a youth-group rock-band outreach, can they allowed to sing these while they’re at it? They’re some of my favorites. They might be a little more complicated than what the band can handle, but maybe they can be allowed to practice a bit before they try them at the next hot dogs and Jesus outreach?

This one might take more skill than the average band has, it is, after all, Johnny Cash, but maybe youth are worth it:

The goal would be to reach the quality of a Nina Hagen performance:


6 thoughts on “To the Mother of my Soul, Northland

  1. Twenty years from now, I wonder whether it will take our children as long to discern that “Redeemed” is NOT a parody as it took me to realize that “Altar Boyz” actually IS. They totally had me until, “There was this vibrating feeling on the belt loop of my pants.”

  2. Altar Boyz is a whole AWESOME musical the subtext of which seems to be that CCM is gay. The local Christian School just put on The Importance of Being Earnest and I’ve put in the suggestion that if they want a musical they look into Altar Boyz.

  3. Early “Redeemed” brainstorming session:

    Meredith: “What do kids like these days?”

    Shawn: “Pizza!”

    A.J.: “I agree with Shawn.”

    Jamie: “So do I.”

    Meredith: “Do you think we might have a ministry delivering pizzas to youth groups and churches across Wisconsin and the UP?”

    Jamie: “That idea rocks.”

    A.J.: “I agree with Jamie.”

    Meredith: “Do you think people might be upset at the gross pragmatism in luring kids to our events with merely pizza?”

    A.J.: “I agree with Meredith.”

    Jamie: “I could bake the pizzas.”

    Paul: “Hmmmm. Maybe we could do something spiritual alongside the pizza deliveries.”

    Meredith: “Let’s draw on our training at NIU for this. It seems that alliteration is really important to Christians.”

    Shawn: “I learned in my “Progressive Youth Ministries” class that’s alliteration is very relevant.”

    A.J.: “I remember learning that too.”

    Meredith: “But what p-word could we possibly couple with pizza to make this more missional?”

    Paul: “Hmmmmm.”

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