1 – I am finishing a journey through The Well at the World’s End. At last I found a copy of first volume, but instead have taken to reading it online at work between calls. It is a bit like Mallory, wandery at the first. But like most things that build up, it is building up for what comes and certainly pays off. As long as I continue in this position at work, I can journey through a good bit of William Morris. I can see things in him Tolkien seems to have picked up.

2 – I am engrossed already in A Thread of Years and I only just began. Lukacs is good, and this book kind of teaches you to look at his details because he writes a scene and then comments on it in a kind of dialogue with himself. I saw the ISI has put out a kind of final collection of his reflections on historiography. He tends to repeat himself, so I’m not sure, but on the other hand what he says is always worth considering and often worth hearing more than a few times.

3 – We are making our way through the second season of the Downton Abbey soap opera. Funny how it draws one in, but it is clearly superior to all other soap operas. I want to make something of it, but I am not sure what.

4 – Having had an inter-testamental Sunday school class and reading Victor Davis Hanson who has convinced me I have to read Thucydides, I’m wandering into that period. I was given Green (the top chap on the Hellenistic age, I’m told) on Alexander and along with Thucydides and VDH on the Peloppenesian war – which is waiting for me at Half-Price Books a half-block away–I shall have a good introduction. I got a recorded book on the Hot Gates too. “You who were with me at Thermopylae.”

Which leaves the WWI stuff I meant to get into hanging–save for the DA. I have Tuchman, I want to borrow Fussel and do that. Well, since I have a treadmill now I can read and walk even when it is too cold to walk and hold a book. And they are so many journeys for me; I have done as much reading walking as otherwise, I’m sure.


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