Literary Doings

I’m kind of busy rewritting the story of Tobias. It’s going well.

I thought of it while walking, the other day, and I wrote the first draft of it at Caribou under the influence of a medium something–not whatever Colombian stuff they had because, like Ethiopian, it tends to be earthy and I don’t like that much.

-So two things to remark there: (1) that I do Caribou whenever I can here. Starbucks has become a huge squatting ubiquitous giant in a way Caribou is not that I’m more inclined to feel sorry for Caribou now. It doesn’t even seem as trendy as once it did–though I’m sure it still is. Besides, there’s no room inside the Starbucks around here–not genially designed. (2) We are studying the intertestamental period with our highly knowledgeable Sunday school teacher and he had us read Tobias. It is an engaging story most easy to read and sheds all kinds of light. I’d read it formerly, but not to so much advantage as recently. This Sunday school teacher–have I mentioned this before?–teaches Semitic languages at OSU and is awfully decent.-

Now I’m typing my story up and it is going very, very well. I think it will be one of the best things I’ve ever written.

Or borrowed. Which, I understand, is what Shakespeare did, and look how well it worked for him. I mean, he obviously had loads of talent and yet there he is scrounging around recycling plots and stuff. How much more then should not I? And isn’t that what Lewis did with Till We Have Faces? Yes, a myth retold. Maybe I should read the original there to learn more tips. So now not only can I read with an eye to tips, but with an eye to borrowing. And Tokien lifted plots, for example Kullervo from the Kalevala for the Narn i Hîn Húrin. In fact, there is every reason to do it if one wants to become respectable, and I think the apocrypha is in the public domain by now.

It just feels weird.

Maybe it is all this unanticipated respectability I feel about to rush on me all at once. It should give my works the magisterial resonance of tradition, I reckon. I’ll probably be famous. Save the culture and what not. I want to do it a lot.


One thought on “Literary Doings

  1. I shall have to add “borrower extraordinaire” to the general discription I give to those who know you not, as well as change “man-about-Sumatran-coffee-joints” to “discerner of fine cafe terroir.”

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