Did you know the (T)GC is now manifesting itself in a Spanish equivalent? CpeE is, I suppose, the abbrev. I’m keeping my eye on it (I haven’t ever followed the English version) for very particular reasons: from time to time I’ll be featured.

See how famous I can get. I am not sure why exactly the Lord awarded me a piece of the action, but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. Nobody has asked me about my convictions and nobody has asked me whether I even believe in what we’re doing–which is kind of a relief. I don’t intend to say.

Isn’t everybody for the Gospel, after all? Of course, of course we are, so that settles that.

We have to crank out one thing a month and not exceed 2000 words–which I don’t expect I shall. So of course it probably has to be innocuous and arguably edifying and not too penetrating. The best coalitional let’s-all-get-along bland which is the reason most of us don’t read TGC blogs in the first place. I send it over to some chaps who volunteer (I was going to qualify that with ‘also’ but I am more volunteered than volunteering–not that I have scruples about it, let me hasten to add), and they kind of work over the expression and grammar. I don’t know if they reshape my statements because I don’t re-read it before approving it, but I doubt they do. And if they make me famous, so be it, you know? I can hire them as ghostwriters at that point.

I’m not sure why they didn’t pick somebody with a bit more glib charisma though. Of all my preposterous family I’m the least personable and friendly. I don’t make friends easily and I don’t really like to talk unless it is an interesting conversation. As for small talk, it isn’t something I’ve gone in for or am even sure I understand. When people do all the dumb jokes they do in society, the best I can usually manage is a wan smile. How am I supposed to deal with the inevitable notoriety? With rubbing shoulders with the great conference speakers? If you blog along, and some famous guy is booked, they’re liable to ask you to fill in at a conference, aren’t they?

Well, maybe not.

I am interested in my profile when it comes up, if ever: what they’ve done to airbrush it. A pastor-in-training (not ongoing) who now does customer service living in Columbus (of all places) OH and blogging in Spanish (because how boring would it be to have natives), JZ is a Baptist member (in process) of an OPC congregation. His greatest aspiration is to write Science Fiction (though that hasn’t worked out so far, but this is closer than expected!).


4 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. What qualification could be better for an interdenominational enterprise than a Baptist joining a Presbyterian church?

    Just don’t forget the folks who knew you before you were famous.

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