2013 is going to be a big writing year for me. I know it is.

It has to be. I want to get closer to the dream of being a writer of Science Fiction. I’m not doing so well on poetry but I’m arriving at the conclusion that I still don’t get it with poetry. Science Fiction is not really that hard to get, you know?

* * *
This is going to be a good year for the accordion–I feel it. I’m going to get through the Palmer-Hughes book 2 and possibly book 3, and that is quite a good ways. Already I am sure my neighbors note that I play with new vigor–we shall not say how exactly they feel about that.

* * *
I’m going to paint some really good trees this year. I’m really developing some treeish trees with no little consistency. I’m still limited on the range of brushes I have, but I’m working on that bit by bit. I have a gift card to Utrecht, I have a Michael’s within walking distance and can always get at least 40% off there, and so it is just a matter of time.

Right now, 2013 is looking good on how much time it’s got.

* * *
I have 3 of the Harry Potters to read, and I think that still might be most of the series if you go by the page count. That’s a nice chunk of reading stretching before one. I am trying to pass judgment on the thing as a whole, but I think you have to read it all in order to pass judgment. You can pass judgment on bits and pieces, and a lot of the judgment there is pretty favorable. She gets an awful lot of things right.

I’m kind of chuffed (google that if you’re bewildered; it isn’t a word I’d like to use in spoken conversation but I’m not above sloshing it around on this blog where the tone is often affected because I don’t have to worry about becoming self-conscious) about there being still so much before me. Allays my fear of running out of books. And I have a good reserve behind those on the shelf of stuff I’m keen to get on.

* * *
I don’t plan to think all year, which ought to save me a lot of time.

* * *
Baths are back on the schedule and have been ever since September. That’s one thing I don’t like too much about Harry Potter, you can’t read those things too comfortably in the bath–you need smaller books. But not poetry. When the weather gets warm, I’ll read more poetry as that is something I’ve always read better while walking, not bathing. Ideal for bathing are the kind of thinner paperbacks of which the SF sheepfold seemed exclusively to consist back in the day.

* * *
I have other goals such as get above 16 push-ups by sometime near the end of 2013, but I won’t bore you with all of them since I’m still thinking of making 2013 a sabbatical year anyway so that if I don’t accomplish anything, I’ll feel I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.


3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Man, perhaps I ought to get into SF since I can’t write anything poetical.

    Good luck on the pushups. They’re another good thing to do in the bath, what with bouyancy and all of that. I shall probably have to start performing them as well, as my wife has vetoed my plan to become a fat man.

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