Toledo, OH

Toledo has a good museum of art. I approve it. I haven’t seen half of it yet, but it is good.

* * *
The Toledo Symphony can really do badly. We went to a lackluster performance of the Messiah on Saturday evening. I did not imagine before that real orchestras finished with their rehearsing at the level this one performed.

* * *
The Park Inn Toledo is a jolly decent hotel. I approve it. Stayed on the 14th floor and thought it was very nice. I’d go back to the hotel, especially to be able to take in more of the Museum. I’d also like to get to see more of Toledo, although it has some tough areas.

It would have to be something awfully special for me ever to buy tickets to hear the Toledo Symphony ever again. What smiling mediocrities. Too bad the hall is so pleasant. Very pleasant, comfortable hall: the Peristyle.

Smile and smile and play the villain–I thought. The bass was a cretin; the tenor heroic and alone worth hearing; the mezzo looked like she would be a great, blowzy queen of a mezzo and then had no power; the soprano smiled from time to time, and played the villain accurately enough.

One out of four is not good enough. I don’t deny the Mezzo had many peculiar qualities of voice. Nor do I deny I was not disappointed that the whole Messiah was not performed.

There is no excuse for what was done to one of the treasures of all the world.

* * *
And the folk of Toledo insisted on clapping at every perceivable pause.

* * *
It was good to have good company however. If there is a next time, it has to involve more of the Art Museum and a whole lot less of the Toledo Symphony.


2 thoughts on “Toledo, OH

  1. That may be the first time, “Toledo, OH” has ever served as the title of a blogpost.

    Re: Its art museum: Thanks for that reminder of field trips from my childhood.

  2. I am more embarrassed than I can say at the 48 hrs it took me to place the Hamlet reference.

    The Toledo Metroparks are also quite good. Not as good as Columbus’s, but quite good.

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