Of Trees

So now there are more trees in my life. Whatever else one says about central Ohio–and there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to say–the trees grow well here. Not that I copy them, but I study them and I love them.

I end up throwing away a lot of watercolors, and even though you were not really interested, I’m about to help you understand why. It helps me, at least, to plainly work out a thing or two; and if you have been reading this blog for any time at all you’ll realize that is the main function it has.

It all started with that other tree I surprised myself with recently. I’ve been working to recover something like it without much success at that stated goal, but with curious gains–none of which really add up to the same. This rabbity thing is the first watercolor I’ve done in the USA. It is more due to sprinkling wet paper with color as I opened dry tubes after long neglect.

Below, is a sky I wish I could produce more consistently. In this case, washing out the trees afterward was better than not. It is a ghostly thing that is sometimes left behind. The learning of that seems particularly endless (which makes it rich) because different colors react variously, because you can wash things out with running water, or soak them and gently rub things off, or take a soft sable brush to them, or a sponge, etc.

Please crop me!

So then I thought, what if I do the background, fade it, and then do the startling tree? That’s when I learned the overall shape of the tree matters. The first one below has a nice, startling tree with no very interesting overall branch structure (though I daresay individually some are pretty ok). The second is not much eh? But decidedly interesting grass.

Please just crop everything out but the grass!

Now on this next (especially compared to the previous thing) one feels one can again begin to believe in the concept of progress. Particularly happy seem to me the colors, especially considering not much else is. You see I faded parts of the tree (genius!), but just parts.

This last is getting somewhere, especially if I take and crop it. Actually, cropping may save more than this last one, but it is a useful option and especially since my scanner is too small for the size of paper I’m presently using.

The magical tree which produces not leaves, but color itself.

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