79 degrees

Late October and we are up to 79 degrees? I want a refund.

* * *
Got Sexual Desire by Roger Scruton (got the library to buy it). And a bunch of Anglo-Saxon stuff, plus a good book on Jane Austen which is unfortunate at this point as I’ve begun to write a story and have been painting. So instead of reading, writing or painting, I’m blogging.

* * *
Enjoyed the second video here more than the first. I’ve been reading Oberman’s biography of Luther too, by the way, in which he seems to be arguing that Luther really was not a protestant and really was neo-Orthodox.

* * *
Which is perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not that great of a one. Here is a bigger problem: what to do with the reserve on this? It needs something more, but whatever is added must be precisely what it needs.

I’m going to have to think about it for a while.


5 thoughts on “79 degrees

  1. An arboreal snake.

    Not the devil kind, just the regular reptile, which clarification seemed necessary in connection with the apple suggestion.

    No unashamed progenitors of the race, though. (Also seemed necessary).

  2. The small, whitish spot left-of-center and just higher than the ridge almost suggests the cap of a more distant peak. If you could subtly suggest that peak a little more, you would have a single-highest point. A range with a well defined high may be more visually satisfying, and this particular one might help the balance of the whole composition.

    I am quite fond of your tree. Very nice.

  3. No, I think the apple is out and would have to practice a lot on reptiles, which I should because I want to do dragons. The distant peak is a start though. I think it will lead to more blue in the foreground and it is the foreground I’m trying to fill.

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