A nice place, Cleveland. It is our new Duluth and I am inclined to believe it is better than our old Duluth. One visit is not enough, of course, to decide, but they did have a good place for lunch, an excellent city center, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, a place which rivals even the Minneapolis Institute of Arts–which I enjoyed a lot and miss almost as much as the skyways of Minneapolis. Actually, I think it may be bigger and better; the CMA requires a few more visits, of course, just to give the collection a good first going over, but it is a good, astonishing collection. I’ve never seen Etruscan stuff before.

It certainly seems a better city than Columbus, Cleveland. More things of interest in it, and it has Severance Hall. Seems a lot of chamber music activity goes on up there as well–heard mention of things on the radio. And it has more of a northern feel to it for some reason–perhaps that it is further north? The lake helps, and the arcades, the indoorness of the city center, the wind on the sidewalks, the massiveness of things downtown.

A good fall day we picked to go up through the Ohio autumn, with sun and rain and leaves borne on the wind.


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