So we got our apartment. It is a fine place with brown rugs and the best bath tub I’ve ever had outside of Iceland (which is a paradise for water and bathing). Of course, the bath was also satisfactory because of all the effort of moving stuff. My hands may actually develop callouses, can you believe it?

If this keeps up–which I hope it doesn’t–it looks like I’ll be working out once every two months. I went through this kind of effort in August with the departure and getting everything out of that sunny apartment. But I think we’ll stay here for a while.

Kind of interesting for the third time in our life getting all the stuff one needs to have one’s own place. Plates, bookshelves, bed, lamps, etc. We are better at it now than formerly.

Monday I get my second large bookshelf (solid chaps these) and on Tuesday internet and the rest should be details. We ended up with something rather interesting on location–come and see sometime.

I start work on Oct 29. Till then, I hope to write.


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