Planet Books

I got Michael Ward’s Planet Narnia and have been drawn in. More later, perhaps.

I’ve done a couple of William Gibson’s (Neuromancer) latest. Lots of London, some Paris, international travel, a bit of Tokyo. They’re interesting for the places he uses and for the way he makes description work for him, create atmosphere, foreshadow. Things creep up on you by way of the surroundings he choses to describe; characters also get telling descriptions. It is highly instructive.

I do wish he’d go different places too and not be so banally cool.

Looking forward to trying N.D. Wilson, as his books seem to have hit the mainstream to judge by Amazon. One is leery, and nowadays one notices large sections in bookstores dedicated to “Christian Fiction,” which does not serve to attract. But maybe he’s not. Let us hope he is not.

You know, I think Michael Ward may be on to something in that whole area. I’ll be disappointed if he isn’t.

Pecking away at old stuff from around the North Atlantic. The needle of my heart is always pointed in that direction.


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