I sold 16 copies of #1 and 4 copies of #2, which gets me to twenty.

Which is more than I deserve. Which is what I also hope to say when I get a job and find out how much they’ll pay me.

Also, if you wish, The Penwood Review for Fall 2012 has come out with a poem by me in it. But getting to it would cost you what getting 8 of my Garden Gate #2 would. #2 is 152 pages. For 99 cents, that’s more than you deserve. Of course, if you want it free, let me know and I’ll email the file to you.


2 thoughts on “20

  1. Eleanor was quoted as saying: “When you’re getting to the last part, you’re thinking, ‘no, it can’t be over, there has to be more.’ Is there more??”

    That was regarding part 2.

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