Last Day in Colombia

It looks like everything is done. Now we just have to wait out the day. Stuff is mostly stowed–we have to leave with 50 lbs less, which makes it a concern. That’s what’s difficult about this journey, we don’t leave things behind; still, most things appeared to have gotten in. The longer dollar bills are back in the wallet–need to see about using up the pesos, which ought not to be difficult (also have some euros to exchange–hope they don’t devaluate too much in the next few days). Tomorrow we’ll call a taxi too early, hope to avoid most of rush hour, and hope we sail through the check in, airport taxes, etc., and instead just have to spend a lot of time waiting.

Travel is full of waiting.

We have a long layover in Ft. Lauderdale. It is close to Hollywood, a small place of which I have good memories: I can still smell it, still remember it was the first place I noticed automatic doors, the smell of grocery stores in the USA, air conditioning on the buses, the sand and crab grass, the drinking fountains everywhere with completely free and potable water, the odd pavement, the stained sidewalks, the phenomenon of parking meters and seas of parking lot. My grandma lived there.

I hope to go to a convenience store, smell it again, get a Dr. Pepper again while in Ft. Lauderdale. I hope to see a squirrel again and watch it shoot up a palm tree.


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