The Return of the Hobbit

Ah! Back to the shire for me. Not one of the mighty, just a hobbit once more, fiddling with some verse, watercolors and my long-lost accordion.

Now I can say that I have tried it. I have been among the mighty–counseling, preparing for the ministry of the word, administering the sacraments, in the sessions behind closed doors. I have been taught that there is no greater work than that of a man who watches over people’s souls, and I believe it.

I am also relieved it is not for me. As the hour of my doom drew closer, I felt more and more the loss of common things. It is too public a life, a life for those who live for the greater good. I do not live for the greater good. Smaller goods for me.

* * *
Now we’re emptying the apartment. Running out of food, running out of stuff, running out the trash, and running up little stash of bills. Even got some euros here, and probably ought to change them before they lose their value. One realizes how sober and long USA currency is. Euros and pesos both come on smaller and more colorful pieces of paper.

I love dollars. They remind me of the USA, buying books, buying Dr. Pepper, buying the small goods one hates to relinquish. And it is back to the land of the soft for us.

* * *
Speaking of the smaller good, looks like the book on Amazon has sold 16 copies. I should switch over to hard-core marketing the big names use and say: I’m not putting up the sequel until I sell 20, but I doubt I myself can wait that long. I hope to work on that today and see what I can do.

I am thinking of putting book 1 into the Kindle lending library–which means I can’t distribute free copies for the time it is in there. If you were hoping for a free copy, now would be the time to ask for it. I know it is a big sacrifice on my part–the 35 cents I lose every time I give a copy away–but since I’m soft-hearted, I’ll still do it.


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