Last Things

The last days are upon us. Today our last (and third) visitor arrives and he’ll be here for a good nine days. Next week I prepare for my last Sunday teaching and preaching. I’m finishing up the watercolors, I’ve already packed most of the books and by Friday should be able to put all the heavy lexicons, grammars and concordances in a suitcase.

I like to print out stories and poems and tweak and rewrite them on paper. I’m putting all those updates into the computer and not printing out the results. We have nearly sold all our things and done not badly out of that. We are a lot better at that now that it is the second time we sell most of our material possessions.

The farewells are well underway because if it is any principle that rules in the chaotic consciousness of a Colombian it is the principle of sentimentality. And they put great store in greetings and farewells. We have had some five or six to date. Today we have a couple more, Monday another, next Saturday a big one. After that there is a week for getting the apartment handed off, then another week when we told people we would probably travel. Don’t know if we will exactly, but do know we cannot be scheduled for any more farewells.

And then it is off to the USA. Can’t wait: libraries, breakfasts, secluded places where you are not necessarily mugged all the time, cleaner cities, great cities, cars that can go fast, pizza, concerts, coffee in great varieties, English, books, used book stores, lava lamps, reformed congregations, English hymnody, Paul Ryan, Ryan Martin, my accordion . . . and on and on.


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