A Book

I’ve uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing part one of my story: The Other Side of the Garden Gate.

I didn’t want to charge, but Kindle has to have at least a price of 99 cents. I am not sure why they ended up putting $2.99 on it, but they did. Maybe it is too long for them to do for less. Maybe it really gripped their attention. Maybe that’s just what they always do. (Looks like in the Kindle it shows up for .99, at least Katrina looked it up that way and that’s how it shows up–not sure why all that.) I think 99 is worth it, not sure about 2.99. Anyway, for that you get 30k words, six chapters, 94 pages.

And it’s by me.

I wrote this back in the day for Sophia. I used to write individual stories but then I wanted to get going on something longer. I tried to get each story up to 5k words, and so you can do the math on the chapter length and the word count. She always wanted me to write something set in Narnia, and once I did, but mostly stayed out. This is kind of like it, only not. I’ve revised the original chapters–though more revision is not out of the question. One can keep updating the text, and already I’ve updated the cover because I found a more interesting font.

So maybe you got a kid, a kindle and three bucks to spare. Be a chap, get the story and make me famous. There will be more to follow.

If you want a free copy, I’ll send the file to you and you can read it on the understanding you’ll post a review at Amazon. Of if you just want a free copy I can just send it to you. There is the option to put it into the Kindle lending library, but then I’d have to agree not to otherwise distribute an electronic copy. Not sure what to think of that.


2 thoughts on “A Book

  1. It’s lovely that you can not only write stories, but create your own cover art for them too.

    I would buy it for 4.99 if I could get over the badness of the idea of Kindle.

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