A Time for Everything

Anxieties mount with me. We return in 41 days. I have to look for a job–nothing more odious. I know I’m going to end up back at McDonald’s. Or selling used mattresses again. With the anxieties one starts to think about one’s life. Not generally positive thoughts ensue.


1 MacDonald’s
2 Wendy’s
3 Burger King
4 Selling Used Mattresses

Diploma in Fundamentalism
Bachelors in Fundamentalism
Masters in Fundamentalism

Watercolors, Science Fiction, Poetry.

People skills:
None, hate people in general.

Other skills?
Spanish. And as anybody who knows Spanish knows, it is about the most useless skill in the world nowadays because most people know it and have some corresponding skill to apply it in.


3 thoughts on “A Time for Everything

  1. As long as you’re committed to such an Eyeorean outlook for the near future, it might not quash your ego for me to suggest that you work through “What Color Is Your Parachute?”, the annually updated classic on job hunting and career changing. Written by Richard N. Bollis, the exercises included are especially helpful in focusing one’s efforts.

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