Blogging Up a Storm

Not much on this end. I believe this will pick up when I get back to the USA where it seems my consciousness is expanded, goes out of me and does not cringe inward whingeing and appalled. I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but it is true. I think it has to do with my trying to love this place but being unable to in this particular city. I think my consciousness would be more cooperative outside of this city: there would be some love.

Anyway, I’m still blogging up a storm because I have stuff I regularly post on the Spanish blog. And now the Gospel Coalition in Spanish is going to take off one of these days and I am part of the esteemed contributors. Contributing starts today.

Me in the Gospel Coalition. Heheheh, which is why I say I’m blogging up a storm. I never read the Gospel Coalition’s blog because I don’t care about fatheaded evangelical views on anything. Doctrinal minimalism, the culture of celebrity and a general inability to draw worthwhile conclusions seem to characterize everything publicly evangelical. Obviously, the culture of celebrity hasn’t really leaked into the Spanish side of thing yet–I’m in, after all.

It is kind of sad, actually, they’re getting me as a contributor (though I’m undoubtedly the bottom of this barrel). It looks like a mostly Reformed Baptist venture here on the Spanish side of things, though, which argues for no doctrinal minimalism, just denominational. I think I made it because I got our chaps to start a Bogota pastor’s blog and since there really isn’t anything else going in terms of a blog, well, hey, lets get that guy since at least he seems to have discovered the internet. Actually, I think it has to do with one of our deacons having worked with a guy who is now a pastor in Barcelona who put my name in the pot.

I’m not going to try to get kicked out, but I’m not going to make a particular effort to fit in as anything but an RB. We’ll see how well I can draw worthwhile conclusions and how well they go down with the chaps that filter all things that reach the public. Starting out with the Regulative Principle of Worship, in fact. My general plan is to get inspiration from the 1689 LBC of Faith.

It will add a certain zest to life. I feel like I’m playing with fire and it feels good.


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