To Look or Not To Look

Looking forward to english muffins and breakfast sausage.

Not looking forward to pancakes, waffles and all that.

Looking forward to getting most places quick and easy in one’s own car.

Not looking forward to all the rest which goes with owning a car.

Looking forward to a steady supply of dill pickles.

Not looking forward to the inevitable if irregular intrusion into my life of baked potatoes. What a rotten way to treat a potato.

Looking forward to being able to walk out of doors in parks and other natural places.

Not looking forward to people being friendly. I am going to miss the unsmiling waiters, the distance of a well-developed city distrust.

Looking forward to winter!

Not looking forward so much to summer.

Looking forward to a greater spread of coffees and goods in general.

Not looking forward to not being able to get almost everything within walking distance most days.

Looking forward to public libraries, bookstores, being in the range of Amazon again, more places to read.

Not looking forward to the dramatic rise in the cost of coffee and other such pleasures.


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