Hastenings to and fro

I keep waiting for comments to appear on the latest Time of Nick over at the internet roach motel. Is it too far over their heads, or what? Maybe they’re trying to figure out how it means them.


I was in the Lerner book store downtown. Had to walk past a thug to get in and noticed a curious customer browsing inside. A second brush with the chap revealed the mayor of our great city rather egregiously dressed. Here I thought they were still taking things out of his head. He seemed good at pretending to be interested in books. Outside I saw it was more like a dozen thugs in suits, besides some police commanders. Around the corner were the three SUVs needed to get our mayor around, plus a dozen police.


Almost bought a book of French poetry because they had the Spanish translation on the opposite page. Would make it very easy for me to puzzle out the originals, that.


Did buy a copy of Fernandez de Orviedo’s (seems to go by just Orviedo nowadays) account of how he found things in the New World back in the 16th century. I’m keener than usual about history these days. After I bought it I wondered if I should. These sorts of texts, these old books are the thing a Kindle is taking over. If you can get it for free, why even pay the low price of a used copy let alone for a new edition if all you want to read is the text?


Going very well with a story here today. Very pleased.


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