It is official: I am freed form my contract here at the end of August. We will probably return to the USA in September. In the meantime, I need to start looking for employment. It is worth trying to see about getting something now, even though I may well end up at a temp agency come the fall. We would, in that case, probably impose on my in-laws for a while in Columbus, OH, try to establish ourselves again (get a driver’s license, get a car or so, try to build up some savings), and continue searching (and writing Science Fiction!).

So if you know anything, let me know. What I’m doing is searching conservative organizations, colleges and universities to see what kind of staff positions are open. Faculty positions are not going to be too open since I don’t have a terminal degree. I would like to have a job that involves thinking, organization, some public speaking and independent, unsupervized diligence. We’ll see what my scattered experience will land me in. Failing all, there’s always McDonald’s, but I think they’re going to look at me funny if I give them my resume.


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