The rainy season will not come and will not go. Is this the usual weather?

Man I miss the cold. I miss it so much I’m running out of phthalo blue, the coldest blue I have. I’m running out of all the original Brazilian watercolors that I bought. The next lot is Chinese, and I am painting like a fiend to start them, and to use them up.

Speaking insterstitially, I finished The City & the City, by Mieville. Not awfully impressed. Interesting idea, interestingly followed, characters almost real, but the ending was predictable and when the road there is so torturous, that’s not a good plot. I also read Consider Phlebas recently, by Banks. It struck me as derivative Neuromancer, and nothing really interestingly new. Curious thing lurking behind: the Culture. These two are looming lights in the night sky of speculative fiction. I think I can do better. Of course, those for both were early works. I have to look at the prize winning or nominated stuff to judge them better.

I’ve reached the end of the easy part on Daniel–got through the first six chapters. Now the last six lie ahead, and those will take some studying.

Somehow, I’d like to include one of my favorite Borges’ poems, the one that slams all Calvinism. Why? I know what he got wrong, but still think it’s ingenious.


Lejos de la ciudad, lejos del foro
clamoroso y del tiempo, que es mudanza,
Edwards, eterno ya, sueña y avanza
a la sombra de árboles de oro.
Hoy es mañana y es ayer. No hay una
cosa de Dios en el sereno ambiente
que no le exalte misteriosamente,
el oro de la tarde o de la luna.
Piensa feliz que el mundo es un eterno
instrumento de ira y que el ansiado
cielo para unos pocos fue creado
y casi para todos el infierno.
En el centro puntual de la maraña
hay otro prisionero, Dios, la Araña.



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