Tan de Buenas!

The expression “tan de buenas” is one that will give the dynamic equivalence translators support to keep them going for years. It means “how fortunate!” but the literal translation is nonsense. Colombians use it whenever they have good luck, for example when they get a seat on the Transmilenio, which is unusual.

I had good luck today in a busset, not in getting a seat as in a busset they’re more common, but in a quick ride, a quiet ride mostly, one free of salesmen getting on, and one with an acoustic musician. An accordion he played (tan de buenas!) and played a Colombian tune I’m fond of, Ay Manizales. It is a good town, it has a bullfighting theme, and it was an accordion. Tan de buenas!

This is not the best but I assure you it is no the worst rendition of the tune and it has pictures of Manizales.

I was glad to give the chap some money.


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