Well, nobody other than my mom may be interested, but one posts for one’s mom alone, doesn’t one?

I decided to do more skies and see if the sky would comment on the rest, given the preponderance. It is wonderful what blotting a wet wash will leave in the way of clouds.

So maybe there the sky was left to comment too much. One also from time to time thinks of the color scheme, and this one here is not bad. But one does feel the mountains need to be elaborated a bit.

It looks awfully good on the card. A personal favorite, though I’m not sure the proportions of each ridge work.

So there you have the skies offering a comment, eh? Wish I had used a smaller brush on the grass.

Nice sense of motion on those unmoving objects. Wizardy, it seems to me. If I could somehow do that for the trees . . .

There’s a color scheme to be pleased with. And what sky ever commented like that pink one? Well, maybe the following:

That’s one where I think that when I get good at actually painting any significant shapes, a significant shape would be rather interesting to have under that sky.

Without consultation, Katrina went and bought me some more watercoloring paper. You can see the texture. I think this is what everybody used to use in 1963.

The limited elements in this one make it a good one to keep working on. I have various things I want to try with those pines, one of which is getting them to resemble pines more.

Interesting what you can do, eh? I’m going to try a few more of that one.


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