Reading III

Reading David Jones. Wish I had The Anathemata and In Parenthesis, but someday I shall. Need to give him a second reading, but just the sound is enjoyable and highly instructive. Curiosly insistently polyglottal. Conjures up place rather strongly. I’m going to get a story out of it before it’s all over.

Reading Robertson Davies. He can make the oddest things compelling. Rather bingeing on him, in fact, because I’d gotten Anthony Powell after finishing Carpenter on The Brideshead Generation. Started Powell on the bus, but then I glanced into Davies and there was no looking back. Well, I’ll soon be back to Powell. You know, I must have read, by now, the first three books in ADttMoT two or three times. I haven’t made it through yet.

Read the Pope on Henry VIII to my wife for a while today as well. Good day of reading.

Been reading a bit on the Derbyshire episode too. A curious thing. Taki’s is racy, to put things mildly. A sign of the times, I think from time to time, and then I go back to see if Gavin McInnis has something new. Libertarians, you know, give a Prometheus award for SF that beats their drum.


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