Tuvan Throat Singers

That’s what I fancy I sound like today, and it makes me wonder what I shall sound like tomorrow. I’m not trying to sound too much. Speaking of sounding, it reminds me of Kronos. I listened to my Kronos CD just the other day.

We’re having a damp rainy season. Windy outside right now, and 65 with the sun and all. Damp though. When it starts raining, it is not likely to let up till it has done a thorough work.

Was out eating chicken rather late last night, talking with a chap who has become a good friend. I don’t often make friends with pastor types.

I don’t often make friends, come to think of it.

I like being out late eating chicken, actually, now that I make enough money to do it, I like eating in the second floor of a chicken roastery. I have the notion nowadays that Bogota in many ways is the way things were in developed cities 100 yrs ago, especially when I think about the small restaurants, the deep fried stuff, the unornamented interiors, the health risks one takes. It is a pleasant illusion.

One has no idea how things are here until one spends a lot of time and a lot of talking, and that is what these sessions eating chicken bring home to me. I take all these situations and bafflements from the wrong point of view. It makes me think that to them I must seem awfully strange as well.

It is certainly a place full of curiosities. Have you ever tried another country for a good long stint? On you own? Wholesome.


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