Went to the library. Not for lack of reading–I have quite a few things, though I did just finish the Laxdaela Saga today, and that third volume of C.S. Lewis, well, I’m approaching the last year of his life, though all the correspondence with Barfield comes last. But I pay for my membership, and I hate to see the months past.

In 1962 Lewis read a book by Erich Heller which so fascinated him he wrote the author to thank him for it and to tell him he was going to read it a second time. I looked it up in the library and we have it. Now I have it: The Disinherited Mind. Ought to be stimulating. Lewis said some awfully good things about it.

Also got by Heller: Kafka. And then by Davies the second in the Depford Trilogy, The Manticore. It is going very well from what I read on the way home on the bus.


2 thoughts on “Library

  1. “Disinherited Mind” looks interesting; I ordered a copy. Seems like most of my dead tree purchases of books (not available on Kindle) come from your recommendation these days.

    I just finished China Mieville’s “Embassytown”, which was not bad at all. It was like a fictionalized version of Barfield’s “Philology and the Incarnation”.

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