Violence here. Tempers, tear gas, stones thrown, riot police, injuries, vandalism.

At the turn of the year the mayor’s office raised the price of transportation: they cap some, subsidize some, interfere with it all. How much did it rise? 50 pesos. I’m not one for ultra-heavy math, but that seems to me to be around 4 cents. That’s what they’re protesting here today.

Here’s where they have a point: what is provided is not worth what one has to pay, most days.

* * *
Did you see the Oestreich made it into the latest time of nick? A step down from Remonstrans, but one can’t always be too picky. And Remonstrans got better poems.

* * *
So they’re looking for a pastor here and it looks like in some of the lower circles of Reformed Baptism there are people into this fad of having the elders rule. Authority, after all, is making all the decisions and exercising a spiritual paternalism. Voting, of course, is democracy, and that won’t do because the Bible is not democratic (although, curiously, it appears the belief of some is that the pastors have to work at achieving a congregational consensus before proceeding in a situation in which congregationalists would–also after achieving a congregational consensus, as much as possible–vote). As for Xeirotoneo, well, lets not commit any etymological fallacies. Paul and Barnabas seem to have operated by the sheer imposition of their will. Well, they may have taught and instructed and made sure there was something of a congregational consensus among the mature before definitely not having a vote.

How far are these sorts willing to take it? Propose an amendment to the 1689! In Reformed Baptism, that is serious.

Well, I doubt they’ll keep on calling themselves Baptists 2 centuries from now, and then we can do what Spurgeon did and dust off the 1689 once more.


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