I greet you, communicants. It has been a few days and lest you wander off into a dark wood of despair and self-hatred, some distractions I bring.

I have a new way of painting. The first fruits was the David cloud formerly displayed. To it may now be added a few pleasing results. I’m getting so good, I sometimes think, I ought to see about going to school for it.

This one is unambitious and not bad. The nice thing about being unambitious is that even if you don’t accomplish much, you don’t screw up as much.

The sky below is particularly felicitous eh? What was not quite so felicitous was the deer that ended up resembling a donkey and eventually mostly vanished, as you will no doubt be able to see.

The wife of me, a woman of taste, likes this below. I do too. I wish I knew what makes it a bit cartoonish, but I have not put my finger on it.

Speaking of putting one’s finger on it, the wife of me said this one looked like something for a Children’s book. It is dedicated to S.W. (if one may be permitted to dedicate, from time to time, a watercolor) who ought to know what Yggdrasil is.

And this last one is dedicated to premillennialists everywhere, especially E.W. who is a die-hard. I told him it is the closest I’ll get to it now.


6 thoughts on “Productions

  1. I like that last one muchly!

    Re: the cartooniness of #3, I suggest it may be the uniform angle of the boughs on the pines to the fore.

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